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>> i simply want to take the opportunity to note that we've had a couple of incidents including a shooting that took place over a week ago and also had vandalism that took place on the valencia corridor and i
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want to take the opportunity to thank the police department as well as thank all of the residents of the mission who have been rallying around this issue and coming together to figure out a constructive way that we as a community can address this issue we had a community meeting last night i thought was a very productive meeting we were able to hear not only the steps taken by the police department and variation agencies working to maintain the safety of our neighbors but to hear directly from the community and it's amazing to see the level to which people care about their neighborhood and the fact that i think that led to people wanting to be more
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involved and an example that sometimes something positive can come out of something negative i want to also thank supervisor weiner we addressed the issues of vandalism that involved an officer shooting that took place a few days back but whatever the reason there's no excuse for that kind of activity and vandalism for local businesses simply trying to survive struggling to stay /a float and that's simply not a proper way to express any kind of frustration so again we look look forward to looking with the agencies community partners and i want to thank everybody involved
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with the work that's been done over the last few days. >> thank you supervisor compos. >> the first one regarding a new piece of legislation i'm introducing today. one of my main concerns as supervisor has been addressing a potential threat by the influx of retail businesses on our smaller neighborhood businesses and we've held hearings and i've passed legislation to address these concerns but for the past few months i've been working with advocates and small business owners some here earlier to help create solutions to problems created we call this package good jobs and healthy communities
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and we introduced today the first piece of our legislative packet which will establish a healthy food retailer incentive program and help with the incentive and assistance programs for healthy food retailers and also addresses another important priority. promoting healthy ier food options. reduce extremely processed foods high in salt fat and sugar content especially in under served parts of the city. providing incentives for existing stores to change their business plans to offer fresh produce
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and healthier foods. also an over abundance of corner stores that sell a huge amount of junk food that are high in salt fat sugar and especially low in nutrients in communities that lack supermarkets families depend heavily on corner stores for food purchases limited to packaged food and very little if any fresh produce. so a one stop shop that would provide information and technical assistance to all san francisco residents businesses and organizations wishing to become healthy food retailer. oewd will explore how it can enhance existing job programs and provide new opportunities for san francisco residents
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including low income individuals and youth and creating incentives to higher san francisco residents and help our cities effort especially in hiring throughout our neighbors i look forward to speaking with many of you about this in the following weeks. the two honoraries earlier they have been leading an effort support san francisco public schools week with a number of student leaders throughout the school district a week long celebration an effort to raise money with local celebrities and big and small businesses that are participates. many schools in my district are participating. shop for sf public schools also participants
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may purchase online gift cards and redeem them at local shops and restaurants that have donated a percentage of their proceeds back to the public schools and ends with a city wide fund raise er that puts our schools in the spot light it should be fun i'd like to thank ed match and the pta while the state is not funding to the level it should it's great that parents and businesses are stepping up to support our schools. especially those that need so much more financial support i hope that many of you will participate in the scavenger hunt so if you want more
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information support sf public schools dot org it's a national day of voter registration day one of the most important kind of issues for me as a long time neighborhood and community activityist i've always supported the expansion of democracy and voting rights but also efforts to register working families and lower income communities and to expand language access but also to support the youth vote in our schools to be lifelong participants in the electoral process. i worked with a number of you and san francisco state but i look forward to working with young
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people that we really encourage younger people to part so today there's over 550 organizations that are joining us in national voting registration day as well and also an important improvement in california now you can register to vote online and i wanted to encourage people to register to vote online the november 6th election is coming up quickly a critical national election. >> thank you. supervisor avalos. >> thank you madam clerk just a couple items. just a note a resident of district 11 mic brown has been moving around with a bus in areas where there's a

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